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Veterans Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles

Our veterans have endured tremendous amounts of trauma while serving our country. Often, members of our armed forces have been exposed to the horrors of war, death, and other traumatic events. These visceral life events have left many of our veterans with deep emotional and psychological scars that are extremely difficult to heal. To cope with their feelings, many of our servicepeople turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. While substances provide some level of relief, using them as a primary tool to cope with their feelings leads to dependence and even full-blown addiction.

Fortunately, many veterans have found sobriety through comprehensive and evidence-based drug treatment programs. A crucial component of a successful drug treatment program is LA veteran sober living homes. Veteran sober living homes in Los Angeles provide the tools needed to help them stay strong in their sobriety. The Nook Sober Living provides veteran sober living in LA for both men and women. Call us toll-free right now.

How Are Veterans Vulnerable to Substance Abuse?

Before discussing the importance of veteran sober living homes in LA and drug treatment in general, we must first understand why veterans are particularly vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction. The first and most obvious reason is the trauma veterans experience while on active duty. During their time in the military, veterans can experience fierce combat, the death of fellow soldiers, the killing of innocent civilians, as well as the destruction of cities and the surrounding environment.

A second factor is the length of a veteran’s deployment. On average, veterans are deployed on foreign lands for six months to a year. Long periods away from family and friends deprive veterans of the love and support needed to say sane and grounded. Thirdly, veterans are vulnerable to substance abuse due to the injuries they suffer during active duty, including sight and hearing loss, loss of limbs, brain and spinal cord injuries, and paralysis. Other factors that make veterans more vulnerable to addiction include difficulty readjusting to civilian life, a family history of substance abuse, and pre-existing mental health issues.

If you are a newly sober veteran, having additional support and encouragement is crucial to staying sober. Undergoing continued treatment at a Southern California veterans sober living facility such as The Nook Sober Living will empower you to stay on the path of health, happiness, and recovery. Call The Nook Sober Living today and commit to a lifetime of health, happiness, and well-being.

Addiction and Mental Health Statistics Among Veterans

Active-duty veterans have a high-stress profession. Given that fact, veterans have a higher addiction rate compared to the civilian population. According to data provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 11% of veterans who visit a medical facility run by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the first time have a substance use disorder. Of those veterans who have substance abuse issues:

  • More than 80% abuse alcohol
  • Nearly 27% abuse illicit drugs
  • About 7% abuse multiple substances

Of all veterans who enter treatment centers, 65 percent have alcohol as their primary substance of abuse. The following additional statistics paint a startling picture regarding veteran substance abuse:

  • 2.9% of veterans struggle with opioid misuse and abuse
  • More than 6% of veterans were admitted to treatment facilities for cocaine use
  • 4.3% of veterans aged 18-25 use marijuana regularly
  • In 2018, 45,000 veterans were diagnosed with an addiction to heroin
  • In 2018, 41,000 veterans were diagnosed with an addiction to painkillers

For many veterans who abuse substances, the abuse itself is often a symptom of a mental health issue. In the veteran population, PTSD is the most common affliction. Statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs show that the lifetime prevalence of PTSD in veterans is 7 percent. Additionally, for WWII/Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, and OEF/OIF (Operations Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom), current prevalence was 2%, 5%, 14%, and 15%; lifetime prevalence was 3%, 10%, 21%, and 29% respectively.

Drug addiction and mental health in veterans is a complex issue and requires specialized treatment. The Nook Sober Living is one of the premier veteran sober living homes in Los Angeles. Our evidence-based Los Angeles veteran sober living homes provide much-needed clinical services and support to help veterans stay sober and on the path to long-term health. Call The Nook Sober Living today and learn about the life-saving services found in our Los Angeles veteran sober living homes.

Why We Need LA Veteran Sober Living Homes

When veterans complete a drug treatment program, they must have a solid aftercare program where they receive continued counseling, care, and support. The simple fact is that recovery doesn’t simply end when treatment ends. Veteran sober living homes in Los Angeles help this special population feel empowered with their newfound and hard-earned sobriety. In many cases, veterans often feel alone and that no one understands what they feel and what they have experienced in their life. Veteran sober living programs in Los Angeles feature a solid support network of both experienced professionals and peers who share similar experiences and stories.

The programs and services found in LA veteran sober living homes help them stay in recovery for the long term. Many veteran sober living homes in Los Angeles include important programs such as individual and group counseling, clinical services, 12-step meetings, life and coping skills training, educational workshops, community resources, and relapse prevention education. These facilities strongly encourage peer interaction and support and offer group outings and activities, recreation programs, and other services.

The programs, services, and support offered in veteran’s sober living houses in Southern California help clients develop and maintain a strong, unified, and substance-free community. Veteran sober living programs in Los Angeles help clients develop a solid foundation in recovery and change behaviors to sustain recovery. These homes go a long way to empowering clients to achieve self-sufficiency, responsibility, and accountability.

Are you a veteran ready to take the next step? Call The Nook Sober Living right now to learn more about our veterans programs.

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