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June 8, 2022

What is Aftercare in Addiction Treatment?


If you have just finished a drug treatment program, it is a cause for celebration. You put in the hard work, sweat, and tears to address and ultimately overcome your addiction. Now that you are transitioning back into your normal daily life, you feel like you are on top of the world. While you may feel that you can conquer anything life throws at you, relapse is waiting around the corner. You already know that the real work in your recovery begins when treatment ends. How do you stay strong in sobriety while dealing with the triggers that make you vulnerable to relapse?

Aftercare in addiction treatment is an important part of the recovery process. 

If you haven’t considered aftercare, this article will talk about the importance of aftercare and how it can provide you with the tools you need to stay on the path to recovery. If you want to learn about how Southern California aftercare programs can benefit you, call Nook Sober Living today to learn more!

How Long Do Addiction Treatment Programs Last?

In general, drug treatment programs last on average 28-30 days. However, 30 days may not be enough time to thoroughly address the underlying issues of their substance use. In general, it may take up to two weeks for you to complete the detox process and start to feel emotionally and physically normal. In that case, it is a race to try and address your addiction and give them the tools and support you need in order to stay sober once treatment is completed.

Obviously, the road to recovery shouldn’t be seen as a “30-day race”. Fortunately, many drug rehabs offer 60-day and 90-day programs to give you the time you need to address and overcome your addiction. While longer program times increase the chances of long-term recovery, relapse prevention programs found in aftercare provide you the extra motivation and confidence needed to continue working on an individual program of recovery.

What is Aftercare in Addiction Treatment?

In many ways, aftercare can be seen as a discharge plan like those created for those recovering from surgeries or chronic conditions. Aftercare in addiction treatment provides clients with a set of strategies that help them stay motivated in their sobriety. In general, relapse prevention programs are created around 30 days before discharge and start as soon as they leave formal treatment. Aftercare plans are a collaborative effort involving you, your family, therapists, other staff, recovering peers, friends, and others in your support network.

Relapse prevention programs are guided by the following principles:

  • Continued development of skills that minimize relapse.
  • Continued active involvement in the recovery process.
  • Developing new and healthy behavior patterns that support recovery.
  • Connecting people with and developing support systems that provide accountability.
  • Assistance with challenges related to recovery through the introduction of community resources.

Why is Aftercare Important?

The importance of aftercare in a drug treatment program is that it acts as a safety net as you transition back to your normal daily life. Aftercare is education-oriented and gives you the tools you need to build a solid support network. While in a relapse prevention program, your primary goal is building a solid recovery plan. Your recovery plan includes the healthy coping skills needed to deal with triggers that can lead to relapse, the further development of life skills, and continued attendance in therapy and 12-step programs.

As already stated, aftercare programs are important in helping you to build a wide support system. This support system can be turned to when you feel vulnerable or if you need to be held accountable for behaviors that are not recovery-centered. Additionally, aftercare programs help you discover community resources that can aid you, such as employment searches, academic resources to continue schooling and help with budgeting and financial planning.

Finding Comprehensive Aftercare Programs

Successfully completing drug rehab is a major accomplishment. While you should celebrate this major milestone, your recovery journey is far from over. In order to protect your hard-earned recovery, it is highly recommended you attend aftercare programming. The Nook Sober Living provides sober living homes for men in Los Angeles

The Nook Sober Living offers sober living and aftercare programs specifically designed for men. We also offer clinical outpatient services through our partnership with Thrive Treatment Center. We offer a customizable and flexible approach to treatment that will give you the quality and individualized care you need while you are able to maintain your work, family, and school commitments. Take your recovery to the next level with help from the Nook Sober Living.

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