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A Unique Experience at Our Men's Sober Living in Los Angeles

The Nook men’s sober living in Los Angeles is nestled in between Culver City West and Marina Del Ray. A short distance from Venice Beach, our men’s house is walking distance to Equinox Gym, restaurants, colleges and 12 step meeting places.

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"Our mission at The Nook, a sober living home in Los Angeles, is to provide a customized and flexible approach for men and women looking to progress and transform their lives in sobriety."

Clayton Ketchum

Adorable. Luxury. Structured.

Our sober living homes are designed for your comfort.

What Our Clients Have to Say.

"The Nook is unlike any other sober living I've been to! The community, location and access to recovery has been a living changing experience."

Chris Alumni

"Thanks to The Nook we have our son back after years of active addiction and numerous rehabs, we found a real solution at The Nook."

Jessica M. Loved One

"The Nook is one of the top sober livings in Los Angeles that I recommend to people who are truly seeking recovery."

Ryan N. Professional

"When it comes to finding a sober living home in Los Angeles, The Nook is a no brainer. My first time in treatment and thanks to The Nook I'm sober for over a year!"

Nick Current Resident

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