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Addiction specialists universally recommend that people who complete substance treatment continue to receive ongoing recovery support. This support can take many forms. For example, after completing your program, you may benefit from enrollment in a sober living home. Homes of this type help you protect your sobriety during the critical adjustment period following rehab. They also help you control the pace of that adjustment. What’s more, a sober living home can provide you with additional services that boost your abstinence efforts. 

Are you or your loved one looking for sober living options conveniently located for residents of the South Bay region? The professionals at The Nook are here for you. You’ll find us just north of the South Bay in the Culver City area. With separate homes for men and women, we’re dedicated to providing a full range of abstinence-promoting sober living services. We’re also dedicated to making the sober home environment as secure and comfortable as possible.

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What Are Sober Living Homes and How Do They Operate?

Our Los Angeles sober living homes are recovery homes. Like all facilities in this broad category, their main purpose is helping you avoid a relapse during the recovery process. Compared to other potential options, sober living homes place a stronger emphasis on the social aspects of this process. Each home is shared by people seeking sobriety support after going through some form of treatment. Typical motivations for those looking for such support include:

  • Concerns about resuming a full routine immediately after rehab
  • The need to establish a less stressful pace for a return to daily life
  • Lack of adequate stability in your everyday living environment

All residents of the home commit to avoiding drug or alcohol use during their stay. They also agree to take an active part in the home’s day-to-day operations. You can spend time offsite during the day, as long as you return by the established curfew time. 

The social element of sober living is heavily emphasized. This emphasis serves a practical purpose by making it easier to keep the home running. But, it also gives you access to the known benefits of recovering together with peers who have similar needs. Those benefits include:

  • Higher odds of staying sober
  • Improved mental health outcomes
  • Better chances of finding a job and staying employed
  • Decreased substance use among residents who relapse

You don’t have to follow a set timeframe for residence in a sober home. Instead, your stay is open-ended and based on your ongoing need for support. For more information on the ins and outs of sober living homes, talk to the helpful team at The Nook today.

"When looking for a sober home in the South Bay, look no further than The Nook. We offer you luxury, accountability, and structure at our gender-specific homes in the South Bay area."

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Combining Sober Living With Substance Abuse Treatment in South Bay

Additional treatment services are sometimes required by residents of sober living homes. If that’s true for you, you’ll need access to services that you can easily add to your sober routine. Who might need a South Bay drug and alcohol rehab center at this stage of their recovery? There are three main potential groups:

  • People who have done well in inpatient treatment, but still need additional outpatient support
  • Anyone in sober living who feels that their continued sobriety is at serious risk
  • People who relapse in sober living and need to reestablish drug or alcohol abstinence

The professionals at The Nook are well aware of the potential need to combine active treatment with sober living. To ensure that you have ready access to any required services, we work alongside the outpatient specialists at Thrive Treatment. Thrive is a full-service outpatient provider. With their help, you can take part in:

Whichever option works best for you, we’ll help you integrate it into your sober living schedule. 

Thrive has two locations convenient to both our sober living homes and South Bay. The first location is at 10837 Washington Blvd. in Culver City. The second is at 3101 Ocean Park Blvd. #309 in Santa Monica. A third outpatient Thrive facility is located further north in Woodland Hills. 

Have more questions about combining sober living with addiction treatment in South Bay? Get the information you need today at The Nook.


Our Men’s and Women’s Options for Sober Living

 In many ways, life in a South Bay sober living home is similar for both women and men. However, it can also differ in meaningful ways. That’s true because men and women must often work through different kinds of issues while maintaining sobriety. If you’re a man looking for a sober home, those issues may, in one way or another, reflect social stereotypes of masculinity. The influence of these stereotypes may make long-term sobriety harder by doing things that can include:

  • Making you less likely to talk openly about your recovery needs and experiences
  • Increasing the odds that you’ll feel ashamed about having substance problems or being in recovery
  • Encouraging you to hide vulnerable emotions and overemphasize aggressive emotions

Women face their own issues related to widespread perceptions of their place in society. Common examples here include:

  • The pressures of household management and child-rearing
  • Exposure to sexual or physical abuse as children
  • Adult exposure to sexual or physical abuse

Like men, they may also feel less stable or secure in a program that includes their gender counterparts.

Gender-Based Support at The Nook

At the Nook, we want you to enjoy all the potential advantages of your South Bay sober living home. As part of this mission, we feature gender-specific homes for men, as well as women. Our men’s sober home is known as The Marina. It’s located just a few minutes northwest of South Bay at 4336 Alla Rd. Our women’s sober home is known as The Bluffs. It’s located at 6534 Kentwood Bluffs Dr., at the northern edge of South Bay.   

Each of our sober homes combines a secure, substance-free environment with luxury and comfort. In addition, both homes offer a variety of supporting services that extend the benefits of sober living. You’ll also find gender-specific resources at both The Marina and The Bluffs. To find out more about your options for a men’s or women’s South Bay sober living home, talk to us today.

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"The Nook is unlike any other sober living I've been to! The community, location and access to recovery has been a living changing experience."

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"Thanks to The Nook we have our son back after years of active addiction and numerous rehabs, we found a real solution at The Nook."

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"The Nook is one of the top sober livings in Los Angeles that I recommend to people who are truly seeking recovery."

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"When it comes to finding a sober living home in Los Angeles, The Nook is a no brainer. My first time in treatment and thanks to The Nook I'm sober for over a year!"

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At any given time, thousands of people would likely benefit from a South Bay sober living home. As a home resident, you can count on a substance-free environment that provides plenty of structure and guidance. You can also count on a schedule that provides the time needed for any ongoing substance treatment. 

Do you need a South Bay sober living home for yourself or someone you love? Call on the local services of The Nook. Our women’s sober living home is located at the northern boundary of South Bay. And our men’s home is only a short distance further away. We’re also affiliated with nearby outpatient provider Thrive Treatment. With our support, you can reach all of your sober living goals and build a solid foundation for ongoing abstinence. Get your enrollment started by contacting us today.

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