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A Different Type of Sober Living Experience in Los Angeles

At Thrive Outpatient Drug Treatment we create an outpatient treatment that is accessible and well-structured for you or your loved one to safely make mistakes and learn new skills.

Our staff, with over 30 years of combined clinical expertise, dedicate themselves to offering our clients a well-rounded healing experience. They offer everyday tools to make better choices to stay clean and sober through evidence-based clinical approaches like DBT, CBT, Trauma-focused, and Mindfulness modalities. Additionally, we uphold the nuts and bolts of life like accountability, values, life skills, boundaries, trust, and responsibility to help your loved one learn to manage sobriety and the anxiety that comes along with living life sober.

We help process and discard the self-defeating stories and behaviors that keep people stuck. Furthermore, we build a community of people who are in it with you or your loved one for the long-haul. Thrive Treatment prides itself on keeping you or your loved one connected to their new community long after completion of treatment and are invested in helping them find purpose beyond sobriety.

You’re here because you or someone you love is suffering. We can help. The founder of Thrive Outpatient Treatment founder collected some of addiction treatment’s most respected and successful clinicians who authentically share a passion for helping others flourish and believe in the same key ingredients to long-term recovery success: values, accountability, life skills, and having fun in recovery.

We are a close-knit treatment family and we take a compassionate, but no-fluff approach. We understand first-hand how hard this is for you and your loved one and that knowing who to trust is confusing. Integrity is what is most important to us. It’s that simple at Thrive Treatment.

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