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We understand that sober living can be difficult. That’s why our Los Angeles Sober Living Home for Women caters to women only, providing you with a safe and supportive environment where you can focus on healing from your addiction. We’re not just any sober living facility – we’re the best of the best, offering luxury amenities and top-notch care that makes us the ideal place for women in recovery.

Finding affordable, luxury women’s sober living doesn’t have to be a challenge. The Nook Sober Living is a luxury women’s sober living home with 24/7 support and an on-site chef kitchen. At The Nook, you can get the care you need at an affordable price point.

The Nook is located in Los Angeles and offers an upscale environment for women who want to recover from addiction or mental illness while living in a safe community with their peers.

The Nook Sober Living is here to help you build the strongest foundation possible for your long-term sobriety goals. Contact The Nook today to learn more about our luxury sober living homes in Los Angeles.

Modern sober living homes for men and women in Los Angeles, California.

Clinical Services

The Nook works with Thrive Treatment and other trusted treatment programs.

Aftercare & Alumni

From online meetings to in-person events, The Nook offers it all.

What Happens in Sober Living?

Sober living homes are a safe, supportive environment where you can take the next step on your journey to recovery. The home will provide you with a structured environment and access to resources that will help you heal from addiction. You’ll also be able to make meaningful connections with others in recovery who understand what you’re going through.

In addition to providing guidance and support from experienced staff members, sober living homes offer many opportunities for residents:

  • You will have access to therapy sessions (individual or group) where you can process past trauma and build healthy relationships with others during your time here at The Nook’s Sober Living Home for Women.
  • Residents at The Nook’s Sober Living Home for Women have access to community activities such as yoga classes, cooking lessons, painting activities, and more! We want our residents’ experiences here to be fun and fulfilling, so they feel comfortable when they leave by giving them the tools needed on their path towards sobriety!

Why Gender Specific?

At The Nook’s Sober Living Home for Women, we know what makes a home luxurious. Our facility is clean, comfortable, and safe. Its location in the San Fernando Valley area means that you will be close to family and friends. The staff is caring and offers support as you transition into your sober lifestyle while also providing encouragement along the way. In addition to the private rooms available at our women’s sober living facility, there are shared common areas where residents can relax or entertain guests with ease.

How Our Women's Sober Living in Los Angeles Can Help

Sober living homes provide a safe, supportive environment for women who are recovering from addiction. The structure of sober living homes can help you to feel more grounded, supported, and motivated to make positive changes in your life.

Sober living homes offer a structured routine that helps support recovery and build healthy habits. You can expect to have a daily schedule filled with activities that help you maintain sobriety while also giving you time to relax or pursue other interests. Your sober living home might also host social events as part of your community-building process.

The 24/7 support offered by sober living homes is another key factor in their success in helping women recover from addiction and avoid relapse. Having others around who understand what you’re going through can make all the difference when it comes to staying sober!

Case Management

Gender-Specific Housing

Integrative Clinical Programming

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"Here at The Nook, we aim to offer women a safe & supportive recovery community where they can regain control of their lives from the chaos of active addiction.

The Nook Sober Living

Affordable. Luxury. Structured.

Our sober living homes are designed for your comfort.

What Our Clients Have to Say.

"The Nook is unlike any other sober living I've been to! The community, location and access to recovery has been a living changing experience."

Chris Alumni

"Thanks to The Nook we have our son back after years of active addiction and numerous rehabs, we found a real solution at The Nook."

Jessica M. Loved One

"The Nook is one of the top sober livings in Los Angeles that I recommend to people who are truly seeking recovery."

Ryan N. Professional

"When it comes to finding a sober living home in Los Angeles, The Nook is a no brainer. My first time in treatment and thanks to The Nook I'm sober for over a year!"

Nick Current Resident

The Benefits of Women's Only Sober Living Homes

Women’s sober living houses offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Mental and physical safety
  • Sense of community
  • The ability to heal from trauma, such as past abuse or assault

Gender-specific sober living facilities can be highly useful in recovery. Being around a group of peers who can relate to your needs and experiences helps promote healthy living and a sense of community. 

If you are interested in learning more about how The Nook’s sober living homes for women can help you continue your path toward recovery, contact us today.

The Nook offers sober living facilities for men and women in Los Angeles.

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The Nook for Women provides an affordable luxury women's sober living experience.

The Nook for Women provides an affordable luxury women’s sober living experience, in which they can live a healthy and productive life while staying clean and sober. With a safe, nurturing environment that fosters self-care and respect, The Nook provides all of the amenities needed to ensure you have the best opportunity to recover from addiction. To learn more about our services or to schedule a tour, contact us today!

We are proud to offer beautiful, clean and safe sober living homes for women. The Nook provides an environment where residents can feel safe and secure while learning how to live sober. We understand that addiction can be a difficult road, but we are here to help make it easier by providing support and guidance along the way.

If you’re a woman in need of a safe and supportive environment to begin your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, The Nook for Women is here to help. We believe that there are better ways to treat addiction than through traditional rehab programs. Our Los Angeles sober living home provides an affordable luxury women’s sober living experience that allows you to focus on yourself while still having the support of our network of professionals who care about your long-term recovery.

At our sober living in Los Angeles, we focus on working with clients who are dedicated to their sobriety. By working to understand each client’s story, our team establishes a specialized program to help them address the emotional symptoms, mood disorders, and trauma that often accompanies addiction.

Our staff, with over 30 years of combined clinical expertise, dedicate themselves to offering our clients a well-rounded healing experience. They offer everyday tools to make better choices to stay clean and sober through evidence-based clinical approaches like DBT, CBT, Trauma-focused, and Mindfulness modalities. Additionally, we uphold the nuts and bolts of life like accountability, values, life skills, boundaries, trust, and responsibility to help your loved one learn to manage sobriety and the anxiety that comes along with living life sober.