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August 13, 2020

Adderall Abuse in College


adderall abuse in college

Adderall Abuse in College is a common struggle with young addicts as it gives the illusion that they are performing to a higher degree.  College is not only a time for academic progress but also a time where many students party and experiment with drugs and alcohol. Throughout history, substance abuse has been a pillar of these formative years. In the 1960’s, many college students were smoking pot. Heroin and LSD followed in the 1970’s. And then cocaine came afterwards until the turn of the century. In the more recent years, Adderall, also known as the “study drug”, has become the next hot substance amongst college students. Unfortunately, adderall abuse in college is getting out of control and reaching epidemic proportions.

Adderall is a prescription drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Those with ADHD find adderall effective in controlling impulsive thoughts or behaviors by regulating the central nervous system and increasing dopamine. Although at therapeutic doses, this increase in dopamine is key for the calming and focusing effects needed to treat ADHD. However, for those abusing the drug, the elevated dopamine can also suppress appetite, increase energy and wakefulness, and produce a feeling of euphoria. Therefore, adderall is often abused by individuals who do not have ADHD to control weight, enhance academic performance and get high for recreational purposes.

Research shows…

In a study reported on by Statistic Brain, over 34% of all college students reported using adderall at some point during the school year for recreational purposes. 

Also, a survey by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids reported that 56% of college students considered study drugs easy to obtain through friends and extended social networks.

The risks of adderall abuse 

For those with ADHD, adderall is essentially risk free. However, for those without ADHD, adderall has a high potential for abuse and dependence. Additionally, abusing this drug can lead to disorganized thinking, anxiety, the “jitters”, increased blood pressure and heart rate, increased risk for stroke and other cardiovascular problems, decreased sleep, paranoia, and overall health decline. 

Recovery from Adderall Abuse 

The risks of abusing adderall are not worth it and can have very serious consequences, making recovery essential. Luckily, recovery is ALWAYS a possibility. There are tons of drug rehab programs and sober livings that specifically focus on adderall addiction. Sober Livings like The Nook provide a safe, supportive living environment to help college students recover from adderall addiction. 

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