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June 1, 2020

Being Sober in College



Being Sober in College may seem to some, an impossible task but that it very far from the truth.  College is an exciting and pivotal time in any young person’s life. It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. College is a great time for new experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.For many it’s the first time they have fully been away from home for an extended period of time and for the most part out from under the umbrella of their parents influence and control. For the first time in their life,they’re considered an adult in the eyes of law and free to make their own choices and decisions. However even with all the new and exhilarating experiences to look forward to, going to college is a big adjustment for everyone, and for some, it may be a more drastic change than expected.Those same fears and stigmas one felt in high school are still embedded in the minds and follow them to college. The fear of being judged for one’s looks, clothing, and interests still persists and weighs them down like a ton of bricks. Anxiety, relationship issues, and a higher amount of depression (not to mention all of the stressors) brought about by the college life can severely overwhelm and ultimately ruin the college experience.

Unfortunately, all of these issues increase the temptation to drink and use drugs because college students overwhelmingly find that substances make dealing with these problems easier. Not all students immediately start binge drinking and/or doing drugs, but routinely drinking and using to cope with life on life’s terms leads many students towards addiction.If you’re a student heading to college, or maybe even going back to obtain your degree after a brief absence, it’s essential that you set yourself up for success with habits that will protect your sobriety. Being immersed in a culture where students’ goals are aligned with their environment as a wholewill make all the difference.Despite all of the potential pitfalls and struggles of college life, it is entirely possible to get through it sober. 

Simply stated, the best way to maintain your sobriety while you are attending any sort of higher education is to surround yourself with other sober people who are actively working to maintain their own sobriety.  Connecting with and developing a relationship with other like-minded, driven students will aid in not only holding yourself accountable, but others as well.  Choosing to live in a sober living house while you are enrolled in college will helpdistance yourself from an alcohol-saturated and drug-filled campus environment; avoiding high-risk situations such as parties, Greek events, and tailgating.While it is indeed a shame that not all college campuses have recovery-oriented services for students, it’s a sad reality of the situation.  Thus, it’s vital any individual striving to achieve sobriety recognizes the environment as well as the people they surround themselves with, plays a major part in their ability to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol.


It’s as equally important to get involved with various sober activities as well as join different sober groups.  In the past, you most likely spent the majority of your energy and time using drugs or alcohol.Participating in healthy and fun activities can help to prevent relapse by allowing you to avoid trouble.  By simply staying busy and engaging in things that make you happy you won’t have the time to obsess over your vices.  Furthermore, using your time wisely also helps you avoid boredom, anger, stress, and other negative emotions – something that is paramount for an individual in the early stages of recovery.Thankfully, it is as easy as it sounds!As soon as you start searchingfor sober activities taking place either in your community or maybe with the individuals in your sober-living home, you will be nicely surprised to learn there are many to choose from. Start with the hobbies or activities you enjoy and go from there.


You may be thinking that sober activities are the same thing as sober groups, but in all actuality, they are quite different.  Sober groups are an excellent way to enhance your recovery process and learn more about addiction and the best way to recover from the disease. Similar to participating in activities, support groups also help fill your spare time and prevent restlessness or loneliness. On top of that, they put you in contact with others who are sober and have similar recovery goals; another key component to attaining sustainable, long-term sobriety.  Some of these groups include 12-step programs as well as SMART Recovery programs.

You may be asking yourself, “Where can I find a place like that?  What is the first step in finding the right environment for me…the right activities, the right groups? It’s not like I see it on the bulletin board outside of my Psychology-101 class.”  My answer to you is simple – it’s only two words.  The answer is The Nook.The Nook is a sober-living for men located right in the heart of West L.A. that will afford you the opportunity to have an enjoyable time living life and attending school without feeling pressured or even tempted to engage in all of destructive extra-curricular activities that transpire on a college campus.  As mentioned above, The Nook has a unique advantage as to where it is located.  The Nook is perfectly situated that no matter which college you are attending or even planning on attending, the commute is a piece of cake.  Within a 10 mile radius, one can arrive at the campus of LMU, Santa Monica College, UCLA, and even OTIS College.  Furthermore, the Nook creates a safe and secure environment for the individual to grow in a lifestyle of recovery, as well as balancing any and all educational commitments.The Nook caters perfectly to the typical college student looking to progress and transform their lives in sobriety.  Here at the house, you become part of the family – where an entire support network rallies around you to create a safe space dedicated to having fun, working hard, and of course staying sober.


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