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February 16, 2021

How Al-Anon Works


Being the parent of an addict can be a very lonely place. While a friend brags about their child’s latest academic or athletic achievement, you’re in your head trying to solve your child’s drug addiction. While other parents are planning their children’s summer college tour, you’re looking at drug rehabs. And all the while, you are keeping it all to yourself because of the stigma surrounding addiction. The good news is that there are places you can share what is happening and hear from others in similar situations. That is how Al-Anon works; people who care about others suffering from addiction share their experiences.  At The Nook, we understand how isolating addiction can be, and we’re here to support you and your loved ones. 

What Is Al-Anon?

Al-Anon was founded in 1951 by Lois W., the wife of the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. The primary purpose of Al‑Anon is to provide support to the friends and families of alcoholics. However, those with a loved one dealing with a loved one’s drug addiction are welcome. Patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon also has twelve steps, and members can get a sponsor to work the steps if they desire. Al-Anon functions as a peer support group; everyone in attendance has found themselves with a family member facing active alcoholism or active addiction. Meetings are held all over the world, in person and online. Also available is Alateen, founded in 1957 to provide support to teens affected by a loved one’s drinking.

Can Al-Anon Help My Family Deal With Our Child’s Addiction? 

Al-Anon members share their experience, strength, and hope as families who love people active in their alcoholism or addiction. That’s how Al-Anon works. It is a peer support group; all in attendance face similar situations, and no one is an expert. Al-Anon’s purpose is to help members refrain from being consumed by a loved one’s alcoholism or drug addiction. 

Members of Al-Anon support each other to develop ways to cope with a loved one’s alcoholism or addiction. Al-Anon members strive to examine their behaviors concerning their loved one’s alcoholism or addiction. While it’s not anyone’s fault that someone uses drugs and alcohol to cope, your attendance at Al-Anon might help you to find ways to cope with their use. It can be challenging to separate yourself from the drama of their addiction and Al-Anon can help you to do just that. In the same way that an alcoholic or addict is powerless over their drug of choice, you are powerless over their addiction. Accepting this powerlessness is the first step. 

Living Sober at The Nook

Being the parent of a child struggling with drug addiction is heartbreaking and it can be a very lonely experience. When your child is ready to get help with their addiction, sober living may be the most appropriate living situation after rehab until you’re prepared for them to return home. 

Choosing a sober living facility can be overwhelming as there are lots of options available to choose from. Once you’ve selected a location, you’ll want to look for a sober house that will best support your loved one. So, as you explore the options, be sure to look at the requirements for continuous sobriety and the house’s offerings.  

Sober living homes located in Los Angeles are located centrally to allow for outings to the beach, to the golf course, to the mountains, and to explore Los Angeles.  At The Nook, we focus on lifelong recovery. We offer our clients support to live a life that allows for the maintenance of employment, educational, and familial commitments. Contact us today to see how we can support a life in recovery. 

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