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May 18, 2021

How to Tell if Your Teen Is on Drugs


Parenting, on its best day, is still a demanding job, and that’s even more true during the teenage years. Your child who has always wanted you near them suddenly wants very little to do with you. You have likely become one of the least cool people on the planet without changing a thing about yourself. While all of this may feel awful, the good news is that most of it is entirely normal and developmentally appropriate. It gets more complicated when you start to wonder if typical teenage angst has crossed over into drug use. You may wonder how to tell if your teen is on drugs, and it’s beneficial to arm yourself with information before you start asking questions. You know your child better than anyone else, so if you think something is wrong, start doing the research. At The Nook, we understand the challenges of parenting a teen, whether they are using drugs or not. If your teen is abusing drugs, we are here to support your teen in a drug-free life. 

Common Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use in Teens

Always remember that you know your teen better than anyone. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong, you’re probably correct. Still, if you want to know how to tell if your teen is on drugs, you can look for the common signs and symptoms of drug use. Some signs will be specific to the drug being used. For example, those abusing opioids will have pinpoint pupils. Those using alcohol, marijuana, alcohol, and other depressants may have slurred speech. The cycle of using and withdrawing from drugs may result in your child complaining of flu-like symptoms. You may notice a change in their weight, appetite, or sleeping habits. Additionally, you may note that they have changed their friend circle, have lost interest in activities that they previously enjoyed, or have increased mood swings. Approach the situation like you are putting together a puzzle. Examine all of the pieces objectively and see what comes together. 

How to Get Your Teen Help With Their Drug Addiction

The first step in anyone getting help with drug addiction is acknowledging that there is a problem. As you examine the changes in your teen, you might consider writing down a list of the changes so that you have a starting point to talk to your teen about their drug use. While it is so hard to remain calm, try to talk to your teen in a way that provides them the opportunity to speak openly about their drug use. They may be looking for a way to stop using and not know where to turn. Once you’ve agreed that it’s time to get help, you can explore the different options, including a treatment facility, peer support recovery groups, and sober living. The most appropriate treatment will depend on your teen’s specific drug use, overall health, and other circumstances. 

How The Nook Can Help Your Teen

Navigating the road to sobriety with a teenager can be complex, and a sober living facility may be just what is needed. Depending on the current circumstances, you may want a location closer to your home, or your teen may require a bit of distance. Once you’ve selected a location, you’ll want to look for a sober house that will best support your teen. So, as you explore the options, be sure to look at the requirements for continuous sobriety and the house’s offerings.  Sober living homes located in Los Angeles are located centrally to allow for outings to the beach, to the golf course, to the mountains, and to exploring Los Angeles.  At The Nook, we focus on lifelong recovery. We offer our clients support to live a life that allows for the maintenance of employment, educational, and familial commitments. Contact us today to see how we can support your teen in recovery. 

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