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August 10, 2023

How to Achieve Long-Term Sobriety in a Sober Living Home


For you and everyone who undergoes drug treatment, long-term sobriety is the number one goal. The hard work you have put into your recovery to this point is a major accomplishment, but your journey is far from over. It is estimated that 40 to 60 percent of people relapse and resume active drug use after the first year. To reduce the chances of relapse, you must utilize the tools and programs available through your drug treatment facility. One of the most beneficial tools that strengthen your recovery is sober living.

This article focuses on how to achieve long-term sobriety in a sober living home. You will learn more about sober living programs and learn valuable tips on how to achieve long-term sobriety in a sober-living home. If you are in Southern California and looking for quality, evidence-based sober living programs, contact The Nook today. We offer men’s and women’s sober living programs that provide the tools and support needed to support long-term recovery. Call The Nook today and learn more about our sober living home in Los Angeles.

Understanding Sober Living Programs

Sober living programs provide substance-free environments for those who have completed intensive treatment programs and are transitioning back into their normal daily lives. The residents of sober living programs are in various stages of recovery, and programs are designed to provide consistent peer interaction and support. People can stay in sober living programs as long as needed, but they must be proactive in working their program of recovery.

Those in sober living can attend to their family and work obligations while residing in these facilities. If they aren’t employed or in school already, they can use their time in sober living to organize job searches and seek educational opportunities. Additionally, sober living programs provide residents time to renew and repair relationships and gain exposure to those community resources that provide the necessary tools to help them stay sober in the long run.

How to Achieve Long-Term Sobriety in a Sober Living Home

For many people, sober living programs are transitional programs back to normal day-to-day lives and routines. In this transitional type of program, sober living residents develop life and coping skill strategies that will bolster their confidence and help them in their journey toward lasting recovery. The following tips can be utilized to help all residents achieve the health and happiness found in long-term sobriety.

Building Support Networks

While you must do the heavy lifting when it comes to working a program of recovery, staying sober is truly a team effort. Learning how to achieve long-term sobriety in a sober living home starts with building a solid support network. Within sober living, your peers and counselors support you and provide you with a sounding board for your struggles and successes. Your support network also includes family, friends, and other addiction professionals. As a whole, your support system celebrates your milestones and holds you accountable when you fall short.

12-Step Programs

12-step programs aren’t just for those in intensive drug treatment. These essential programs are also a cornerstone of sober living programs and provide the additional support you need as you start your recovery journey. Open meetings, closed group studies, and sponsors provide you with the tools you need to empower yourself in your recovery. If you seek alternatives to 12-step programs, support groups such as SMART Recovery and LifeRing are beneficial.

Proper Self-Care

To work your program to the best of your abilities, you must take care of your body and mind. Many sober living programs provide exercise programs, healthy meals, and group activities. Take full advantage of these programs to learn proper self-care to look and feel your best.

Alumni Programs

An increasing number of treatment facilities offer alumni programs to new graduates of their programs. Alumni programs pair newly recovering addicts with those who have graduated treatment and have considerable clean and sober time. Through social events, workshops, and other activities, those new to recovery learn the pitfalls of every recovery and feel a sense of mentorship as they grow more confident in their sobriety.

The Nook Sober Living Homes Help You Grow and Prosper in Recovery

If you are a recent graduate of a drug treatment program, attending a sober living program is highly recommended. These programs are invaluable in helping you grow and refine the tools you need to be successful in sobriety. The Nook Sober Living is Southern California’s premier sober living network. Our men’s and women’s sober living homes are luxurious and provide the structured programming you need to stay on course. We also offer clinical and alumni programs that will help you grow your recovery long after you leave our facility. The Nook offers sober living for men in Southern California. Take your recovery to new heights with help from The Nook!

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