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April 29, 2022

Is There Sober Living for College Students?


Attending college is a pivotal moment for any teenager. It marks the beginning of their young adulthood and is where the rest of their life starts to take shape. They’ll experience new friends, hobbies, and surroundings that will live in their memory bank for the rest of their lives. 

With that being said, it can also be a scary time for teenagers and a worrisome time for parents. College students are asked to make their own decisions and form their own lifestyle habits, which most college students aren’t used to. Of course, that can be good or bad. 

Recent surveys indicate that nearly 60% of college students have tried alcohol, and 39% engage in binge drinking. Not only that, but 10% take Adderall, 4% use cocaine yearly, and 20% use marijuana monthly. Psychedelics, tobacco, heroin, and prescription meds are also common. 

Where there’s drug use, there’s a risk of drug addiction. As the body grows more dependent on the drug and the user’s tolerance increases, they start to use higher doses, use it more often, and use it long-term. At this point, college students need help, and they need help immediately. 

What is Sober Living?

Sober living houses are facilities that provide the necessary structure, support, safety, and professional assistance that former addicts need when transitioning from addiction recovery back into mainstream society. They’re sometimes called sober living homes or environments.

When addicts complete the recovery process and are deemed sober, they’re usually sent home and asked to return to normal, everyday life. Unfortunately, not everyone has success with that, and some people struggle to make the transition – opening the door to a possible relapse.

A sober living house is designed to make that transition easy. Residents are a part of a larger community of like-minded individuals. They have chores, responsibilities, and expectations that they must meet. By the time they leave the sober living house, they’re ready to return to society.

What are the Benefits of Sober Living Houses?

Anyone interested in entering a sober living house in Los Angeles will need to meet several requirements. For example, they need to complete the detoxification process and be sober, pay rent, attend meetings and events, complete chores, and stay for a minimum of three months (90 days). 

If accepted, the resident will experience a wide range of benefits as they regain control of their post-addiction life, including:

  • Learn how to live with and get along with others.
  • Gain valuable friendships with people that had a similar past as you.
  • Access to doctors, mental health professionals, and clinicians. 
  • Learn how to budget your money and spend it on necessary things. 
  • Learn how to manage your time with chores, meetings, school, etc. 
  • Being around people that will hold you accountable and help keep you sober. 
  • Make quality and healthy lifestyle choices that help you set up a better future for yourself. 
  • Gain a new sense of purpose and meaning in life. 
  • Guidance and support until you’re ready to return to normal, everyday life. 

Most Los Angeles clinical sober living programs operate in three stages – the restrictive phase, the reintroduction phase, and the self-sufficiency phase. They usually start out intense with strict guidelines and rules to follow, but those restrictions ease as you continue the transition. 

Is There Sober Living for College Students?

Many college students would benefit from an inpatient rehab facility, but that would require them to put their schooling on hold and disappear for several months. That’s where sober living for college students comes into play – allowing them to strike a balance between recovery and school.

College students still have the rest of their life ahead of them. A college student sober living house can help them reach their true potential as they look to gain independence and work towards a sober future. It could be the difference between a quality life and possible relapse. 

How to Find College Student Sober Living in California

Are you a college student that’s interested in joining a sober living house? If you answered yes to that question, you’ve come to the right place. The Nook is a men’s sober living house in Los Angeles, California, that is currently accepting college students ready to build a better future. 

You’ll be staying in a beautiful mansion that overlooks The Bluff in West LA. Our team will be by your side as you learn to be independent from drugs and other harmful substances – all the while, focusing on your school work and giving yourself a chance to succeed in this world. 
If you’d like to learn more about our program and how it can help you stay sober in style, contact The Nook today – we can’t wait to see you change your life for the better.

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