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September 9, 2021

Why Teens Drinking Alcohol Is Problematic


While teen drinking was once viewed as a “rite of passage”, we now know how problematic it truly is. Drinking at an early age can put your child at risk for many physical and mental health issues, including alcoholism. Sadly, many teens still turn to alcohol to deal with the angst of puberty and teenage life. Whether they do not understand the risks of alcohol use or see it as innocent experimenting, they may experience consequences that last a lifetime. 

At The Nook, we know the dangers of teens drinking alcohol. We understand how detrimental alcohol can be to your teen and we are here to help. We can support you and your teen with a full range of therapeutic offerings that will enable your teen to break free from alcohol. 

Is It Common for Teens to Abuse Alcohol?

The sad truth is that even though we talk more about the dangers of alcohol use than ever before, teens are still experimenting with alcohol. In 2019, nearly twenty-five percent of teens aged fourteen and fifteen reported having had at least one drink. Additionally, over seven million young people ages twelve to twenty admitted to drinking alcohol within the past month. More concerning than the admission of drinking alcohol is the number of teens who admit to binge drinking. 

While teens drink less often than adults, they consume more when they drink. In 2019, more than four million young people reported binge drinking at least once in the last month, with nearly a million reporting binge drinking more than five days in the previous month. Whether teens are drinking because of peer pressure, stress, or a desire to experiment is unclear. What is clear is that teens drinking alcohol results in a myriad of consequences.

Why Teens Drinking Alcohol Is Problematic

The consequences of teens drinking alcohol can be devastating and highlight the importance of talking to your teen about alcohol. Your understanding of the dangers of teens drinking alcohol can help you educate your teen and hopefully prevent them from experimenting. Because teens are still developing, their decision-making skills don’t always result in the best decisions. Adding alcohol into the mix only worsens the situation. Teens drinking alcohol can lead to car crashes, injuries, suicide, violence, alcohol poisoning, and even death. 

In 2011, nearly two hundred thousand people under twenty-one visited an emergency room for an alcohol-related injury. Alcohol use also leads to risky sexual behavior, leading to sexually transmitted infections, sexual assault, or unwanted pregnancy. Drinking alcohol also damages brain cells, and long-term use can lead to behavioral, memory, thinking, and judgment issues. Drinking at an early age can affect the hormonal changes in the body, disrupting puberty and growth. Earlier drinking is also more likely to result in developing an alcohol use disorder. It is easy to see how important it is for teens to understand the risks of drinking alcohol. 

How To Get Your Teen Help With Alcoholism

We understand that it may be devastating to realize that your teen needs treatment for their alcohol or drug problem. It may seem unbelievable what likely started as teenage experimentation has transformed into addiction. 

At The Nook, we can help your teen transform and help them focus on lifelong recovery. Our sober living homes are often the bridge between early and long-term sobriety. Our sober living homes in Los Angeles are located centrally to allow for outings to the beach, the golf course, the mountains, and explore Los Angeles. In addition, we offer our clients support to live a life that allows for maintaining employment, educational, and familial commitments. Contact us today to see how we can help your teen build a life in recovery. 

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