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July 20, 2021

What is an Aftercare Plan in Addiction Recovery?


Getting sober is hard work. However, getting sober is just the beginning. You need an aftercare plan that will support your life in long-term recovery. Prior to getting sober your decisions were likely all focused on getting and using drugs and alcohol. After you get sober, you will find that you may have a lot of life decisions to make. It’s essential to know that your choices are votes for or against your recovery and overall health. Having an aftercare plan in place can help you to make those decisions and reduce your stress.  At  The Nook, we understand the importance of an aftercare plan and we would like to be a part of yours.  

What Is an Aftercare Plan in Addiction Recovery?

If you were planning a trip, you would likely figure out where you would go, what sights you would want to see, where you would eat, and where you would sleep. You can think of an aftercare plan as your itinerary for recovery. With the goal of long-term sobriety in mind, you will make decisions about how to structure your life after treatment. Getting and staying sober requires a great many changes.  You may find that you need to change where you work, where you live, and with whom you spend your time. An aftercare plan is something you create while you are in treatment and then refer back to it as you make your way in recovery. Your treatment team can use their expertise to make suggestions and guide you in identifying the resources you need to be successfully sober. An aftercare plan is a blueprint for your sober life. No one should leave rehab or addiction treatment without an aftercare plan.

Why It’s Important to Keep Up With Your Aftercare Plan

While sometimes it is fun to go exploring on a trip without a map, you’ll want to have an aftercare plan to guide you in your sobriety. Many researchers have found that relapse rates after completing treatment can be as high as fifty percent. Most studies have shown that it is the absence of a relapse prevention plan that leads to such a high rate of relapse. It is this high rate of relapse that makes an aftercare plan so vital to your recovery success. Many find it helpful to transition from the higher intensities of treatment to lower intensities of treatment. Your plan might begin with inpatient treatment and then be followed by outpatient counseling and attendance at peer support recovery groups. Likewise, you might find it helpful to reside in a sober living facility and plan other activities that will help support your sobriety. Your aftercare plan will be specific to you and your sobriety. The key is to have a plan and use it.

Why You Should Go to The Nook Sober Living

The early days of sobriety can be challenging, and you may be wondering if you can stay sober. Sober living homes are the bridge between early and long-term sobriety. Depending on your current circumstances, you may want a location close to those you know, or you may want to start over in a new place. Once you’ve selected an area, you’ll want to look for a sober house that will best support you.  Sober living homes located in Los Angeles are located centrally to allow for outings to the beach, the golf course, the mountains, and explore Los Angeles.  At The Nook, we focus on lifelong recovery. We offer our clients support to live a life that allows for maintaining employment, educational, and familial commitments. Contact us today to see how we can help your life in recovery. 

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