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Recovery from drug or alcohol problems is a long-term process. You start that process by entering and completing a rehab program. When rehab ends, you face a new potential sobriety challenge in the form of stress from your normal routine. Depending on your situation, you may need help coping with this stress. If so, you might want to consider transitioning from rehab to a sober living home. Homes in this category support your everyday sobriety while you adjust yourself to your new, post-treatment reality. In this way, they help you keep your recovery on track at a crucial time.

Do you or someone you know need a sober home in Beverly Hills or a nearby community? Call on the local expertise of The Nook. Our Los Angeles sober living homes for men and women provide structure and extensive support for your daily sobriety. In doing so, they help you gradually adjust to daily life while limiting your risks for a substance relapse.

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Sober Living’s Principles and Objectives

The primary mission of all sober living homes is helping their residents avoid relapsing after substance rehab. For this reason, they serve as good examples of a type of post-rehab residence called a recovery home. Who needs sober living? You may be a good candidate for reasons that include:

  • Serious uncertainty about your ability to stay drug- or alcohol-free after you return to daily life
  • Lack of a secure, substance-free living situation when rehab ends
  • A desire to return to your post-rehab routine at a more gradual pace

Structure is built into a sober home’s daily routine. To stay in your home, you must follow its rules for daily conduct and participation. You’re typically free to spend your day off-property. However, you must return by a set time each evening. 

Crucially, you must also avoid using drugs and alcohol. No addictive substances are allowed anywhere within the home. In addition, you can’t drink or use drugs while away from the residence. 

Social interaction with other residents is strongly encouraged. This not only helps you share responsibility for keeping the house in good working order. It also provides you with essential support from your recovery peers and allows you to support them, in turn. 

Other kinds of recovery homes may limit the amount of time you can participate. However, sober living homes don’t do this. As long as you follow house rules, the decision of when to leave is your own. 

Want to know more about the principles and goals of sober living? Get your questions answered today at The Nook.

"When looking for a sober home in the South Bay, look no further than The Nook. We offer you luxury, accountability, and structure at our gender-specific homes in the South Bay area."

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Pairing Addiction Treatment in Beverly Hills With Residence in Sober Living

You may be completely done with formal drug or alcohol treatment before your stay in sober living begins. But you may also need to undergo further treatment while living in your sober home. What explains this need? The answer to that question varies from person to person. Specific reasons that may apply in your case include:

  • Moving to outpatient treatment after you complete an inpatient program
  • Wanting to stop an impending relapse before you actually start drinking or using drugs again
  • Needing to return to active treatment after experiencing a relapse in sober living

Do you need to continue or start substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills while staying in your sober home? The Nook makes outpatient treatment services readily available to all of our sober living residents. Those services are provided by our rehab specialist partners at Thrive Treatment. Thrive operates three L.A.-area facilities, including a Culver City center within easy travel distance from Beverly Hills. Choose from either of three potential program options:

  • Standard outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization

Need more details on attending a Beverly Hills drug and alcohol rehab center during your time in sober living? Get them today from the knowledgeable staff at The Nook.


Accommodating Men and Women in a Beverly Hills Sober Living Home

Both men and women may find life in a co-ed sober home counterproductive. That’s true for a variety of reasons. First, the average woman in recovery may have notably different needs than the average man. For women, those needs often center around things such as:

  • Trauma triggered by sexual or physical abuse or assault 
  • An unsafe home life that subjects them to intimate partner violence
  • The emotional wear and tear of raising children and/or running a household

For men, they frequently center around the negative effects of society’s notions of manly behavior. Such effects may include:

  • Lack of acknowledgment of the seriousness of your substance problems
  • Shame over the fact that you’ve developed a substance problem and need help
  • A hostile attitude toward the requirements of the recovery process

Men and women also share some common recovery barriers. One such potential barrier is discomfort in a recovery environment that includes the opposite sex/gender.

How The Nook Helps You Overcome Gender-Related Issues in Sober Living

For all of these reasons, both men and women may benefit from a gender-specific Beverly Hills sober living home. You can access those benefits at The Nook. We feature two gender-specific homes, one for men and one for women. The Marina, our men’s sober living home, is located south of Beverly Hills at 4336 Alla Rd in Los Angeles. The Bluffs, our women’s home, is also south of Beverly Hills at 6534 Kentwood Bluffs. 

The Marina and The Bluffs each feature the same core sober living advantages, including:

  • A secure, luxurious setting 
  • Easy access to local employment and shopping opportunities
  • Case management services
  • Close integration with the outpatient services of Thrive Treatment

In addition, each home offers a variety of onsite activities that help make your days more relaxing and enjoyable. 

Have questions about what The Marina or The Bluffs has to offer as a Beverly Hills sober living home? Get the answers you need today at The Nook.

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A Beverly Hills sober living home may be just what local residents need after completing a rehab program. This type of home helps ensure that you have a stable, substance-free household life as you return to a full daily routine. It also helps you control the pace of your return in ways that support effective sobriety. In addition, it simplifies the task of including any additional outpatient treatment in your ongoing recovery efforts. 

Is a Beverly Hills sober living home on your post-rehab agenda? Call on the nearby services of The Nook. Within a short drive from Beverly Hills, you’ll find gender-specific homes for both men and women. You’ll also find luxurious settings and a host of services designed to support you as you reestablish your daily routine. Ready to enroll? Just contact us today to get started. You can also reach out to us for more information on the many benefits of sober living at The Nook.

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