What You Want to Know About a Men’s Sober Living

Getting sober is hard, but it is just the beginning of recovery. Once you get sober, you have to learn how to stay sober.  And as you create your new life in recovery, you might be wondering where you want to live.  Depending on your living situation before getting sober, you may find yourself without a home or not wanting to return to the one you associate with using.  Maybe you have relapsed in the past, and you want to take extra measures. The Nook is here to help you build upon the work you’ve done in getting sober. 

Defining What a Sober Living Is

Sober living is, as the name suggests, a place to live that supports maintaining sobriety.  Many who are in early recovery find themselves without friends and possibly without family.  Whether this happens because of the wreckage you caused in your addiction or because you simply don’t want to be with your drug-using friends doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you need to create a new life for yourself.  Men’s sober living provides a safe and stable home environment for that new life.  Sober living gives you a safe space to learn how to socialize, work, and engage in friendships without using any substances.  Many sober living houses will incorporate structure, community responsibility, and social outings. While not all sober living homes are the same, most will require a particular length of sobriety before they will accept you into the house.  This sobriety requirement is for the protection of everyone in the house.  Other homes might require that you attend recovery meetings and have a job.  You might also be asked to do chores or contribute financially as part of the requirements. It is essential to ask questions about what you can expect to pick a house that’s a good fit for you. 

Benefits of Being a Part of a Men’s Sober Living Community

Researchers have found that creating a support system in early recovery significantly improves the chances of staying sober.  Sober living houses offer the opportunity to do just that. Sober living homes help build a foundation for a sober life and serve as a bridge after rehab. Gender-specific sober houses can offer us an even greater chance of success in sobriety.  Sober living homes create an environment that can help keep you sober by providing structure and community.  By merely being in a community and relationships with others facing the same struggles of early sobriety, we can feel less alone. Surrounded by others who are learning how to live life sober, we may find ourselves less threatened while learning how to navigate daily activities sober. 

Group activities such as going to the beach, visiting an art museum, or even bowling can help us understand how to live a life without substances.  Many in early recovery have forgotten how to do these things without drugs and alcohol, so group activities provide us with a way to explore more safely. Sober living houses are a bit like putting on a life jacket in the pool; you have to put on the life jacket, but a sober living home helps you to stay afloat as long as you keep it on. 

Live Sober at The Nook Sober Living Home

At The Nook sober living, we focus on lifelong recovery. We offer our clients support to live a life that allows for the maintenance of employment, educational, and family commitments. If you’re wondering how to begin your life about rehab, sober living may be the answer. Contact us today to see how we can support your life in recovery! 

What Is a Sober House?

What Is a Sober House?

You’re sober, but you might be trying to figure out how this will work?  You’re trying to find a place to live, a place to work, and develop your tools for staying sober.  You’ve heard of sober living, but might be asking what is a sober house?  Sober living facilities, or sober houses, can serve as a sanctuary as you develop your new life in recovery.  This is especially true if you find yourself without a place to live that is free of drug or alcohol use.  Maybe you’ve tried sobriety before and need some additional support this time around.  The Nook is the place that can serve as your bridge into a life in recovery. 

What Is a Sober House?

A sober house is much like what it sounds; it is a place to live that helps you to maintain a sober life. A sober house can provide you with a safe and stable home to support your new life in recovery.  Researchers have found that those who reside in a sober house following treatment are better able to make changes and maintain changes that support living sober in recovery. But what is a sober house besides a safe place to sleep?  At its core, a sober house can provide you with the chance to learn how to live without relying on substances. 

How Does a Sober Living Help With Long Term Recovery?

Sober living is to recovery what spring training is to baseball. A sober house offers you the chance to train for a sober life.  While active in our addictions, many of us focus only on getting and using our substance of choice.  A sober house provides us with an environment that allows us to learn how to socialize, work, and engage in relationships without using. Many sober living facilities will include social outings, structure, and some level of responsibility.  

While no two sober houses are exactly the same, you can expect to find some basic similarities.  Many will require a specific length of sobriety before they will accept you as a resident.  Others might require attendance at recovery meetings, maintaining employment, and participating in house chores. You may also want to know if the facility is co-ed or gender specific.  Researchers have found that gender-specific sober living facilities can increase your success in recovery.  You’ll want to ask what is expected of residents and what’s offered to residents.  Knowing if you need to participate in chores, contribute financially, or complete other commitments is important information.  Likewise, it is important to know if the sober living facility offers opportunities to engage in social activities such as group meals, outings, or sports.

Why You Should Go to The Nook Sober Living!

Choosing a sober living facility can be difficult, and there are lots of options. Depending on your current circumstances, you may want a location close to those you know or you may want to start over in a new place. Once you’ve selected a location, you’ll want to look for a sober house that will best support you. So, as you explore your options, be sure to look at the requirements for continuous sobriety and the house’s offerings.  Sober living homes located in Los Angeles are located centrally to allow for outings to the beach, to the golf course, to the mountains, and to explore Los Angeles.  At The Nook, we focus on lifelong recovery. We offer our clients support to live a life that allows for the maintenance of employment, educational, and familial commitments. Contact us today to see how we can support your life in recovery.